Ginkgo Design

Design Process


STEP 1: The Consultation

We start the process with a consultation with the decision makers of the household.  This is our chance to get to know each other, and discuss your needs and wants, style preferences and budget.  This process is imperative for the next design phase.  A design quote and contract is also provided at the end of this meeting.  Each quote is based on an estimate of hours needed for your specific design requirements, so quotes do vary project to project. 

STEP 2: Paperwork and Site Visit

 Once the quote is accepted, the contract signed, and deposit provided, we will request a legal survey from the client.  This is important for setting up the drawing and the survey may be needed in the future for any permit applications to the City.  After receiving all the required documents, we will conduct a site visit to measure, take grades, note windows and existing sit conditions, as well as take photos.

STEP 3: The Preliminary Concept

After completing the site visit, we head back to the office and start designing.  We put together rudimentary preliminary line drawings/a rough draft plan for the property, which is used to depict and to locate major usage areas and traffic flow.  This gets sent to the client for review and at this stage, where most of the changes and revisions occur.

STEP 4: Final Drawings

Once preliminary concepts are finalized, details go into the drawings. We create for you a hardscape plan, softscape plan, grading plan, pool permit plan (if necessary), and lighting plan. Some clients also choose to add a 3D video to their project as well.

STEP 5: Presentation

Finally, a meeting is set up for drawing presentation, construction quote review and final payment.  The client will be given 1 hard copy of each drawing, a properly scaled pdf copy of every drawing, a movie file (if part of the contract), and the construction quote.